Minimal packing list

Wed 07 July 2021 by Moshe Zadka

With in-person conferences starting to open up, I need to clear the dust off of some skills that have not been used in a while. One of those is how to pack for travel.

This list works for me. It will probably not work for you as-is. Among other things, I have very specific guidelines.

I don't count things I usually carry in my pockets: phone, wallet, house keys. This is because I do not need to pack them.

I also do not like checking in luggage, so I have optimized the list for avoiding that. Among other things, I intentionally minimized the list.

My goal is to be able to pack, from scratch, in under 15 minutes. I pack things into my travel backpack, but I also pack a small walking-around backpack. This way, the big backpack can stay in the hotel room, and I can work around with a bare-bones backpack (just a laptop and maybe a battery).

  • Clothes: T-shirts, Socks, Underwear, Pants
  • Toiletries: Deodorant, Floss, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Hand sanitizer
  • Electronics: Chargers, Batteries, Cables, Laptop, Ear buds
  • Misc: Pens, Small notebook, Spare glasses, Face masks, Medication, Spare small backpack
  • Maybe: Dress shirts, Swimming trunks, Passport, Power adapter, Water bottle